Medical record summarization for life, long term care, and disability files

  • Designed to enable faster and more accurate underwriting decisions
  • Optimized via relationships with a broad base of industry expertise from numerous home office underwriters
  • Medical summaries for life, long term care, and disability applications, post-issue audits, and claims
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Risk classification

  • File triage to proactively identify cases that appear to be consistent with the classification ‘applied for,’ ‘other than applied for,’ or potentially unavailable
  • Underwriting assessments offered to provide the likely outcome based on a review of carrier manuals and guidelines
Businessman pressing an Risk concept button.

Full underwriting solutions

  • Operate inside home office underwriting systems
  • Complete underwriting services for informal applications; accurate positioning for formal applications
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Quick quote management

  • Aggressive and reliable response time to your customers provided by our experienced team of underwriters
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In-force policy review

  • Medical summaries to support the policy change request process
  • Record reviews provided in the contestable claim period
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